Library Display

DSCF5080 (640x360) Committee member: Taneya G.

As a librarian, Taneya often celebrates holidays by making book displays with info on related library resources. For Brer Rabbit Day Taneya and Aisha worked together to create the displays shown here.


IMG_7499 (640x615)

Try it at your library or school: Taneya started by pulling a collection of books that featured Brer Rabbit and related folktales. Next she typed up this Bibliography of additional related books in the library’s collection.

Aisha made the cardboard displays by printing 6 “True Origin of Brer Rabbit Day” stories onto index cards and taping them onto 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of colored cardstock. Next, she cut some rabbits out of a set of Easter themed paper plates and taped one to each cardstock. Then, she added coloring book image that illustrated the “True Origin of Brer Rabbit Day” story. After that, she wrote some dialogue to tie it all together and put it into text bubbles. Then, she taped the text bubbles onto the displays.

Finally, they put the books and the cardboard displays up together along with printed copies of the bibliography and voila, a Brer Rabbit Day display is born.

. . .
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