Glow in the Dark Rabbit Ears

Brer Rabbit Day Glow in the Dark Rabbit Ears

Committee member: Monique S., Principal of Freebrook Academy

The Kindergarten through 2nd graders came up with this project last year based on a story where Rabbit sneaks into the fields at night to steal vegetables. First we read the story. Then they hopped around in the dark with their glowing rabbit ears to illustrate it. If you memorize the story, you can do the whole activity in the dark.

Try it at home: Last year, we used non-toxic glow in the dark craft paint which you can purchase here. The only downsides are it takes awhile to dry and it also needs to sit in the light for a bit before it will glow in the dark. This year we used paint, plus a black light which makes any white surface glow. As you can see in the photo below, the ears glowed purple immediately because of the black light. The paint later made them glow green in the dark when the kids took them home.

You should be able to find a black light bulb at your locally owned hardware store, but if not Home Depot carries them.

DSCF4880 (640x360)

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