Story Time

Committee member: Fatou G.

My family has a regular story time, so for Brer Rabbit Day, I started replacing general stories with Brer Rabbit stories. I have a collection of African American read aloud stories and there’s a section devoted to animals.  There are several Brer Rabbit stories in it, so we started on Brer Rabbit Day and continued beyond it.

My son’s school goes until August, so I plan to take in something about Brer Rabbit Day to my son’s school on “share day”


When I was growing up, older family members would read Brer Rabbit stories to me from book collections. I found out they were a widespread thing when I got older and saw people studying them in college.  I like that my sons are now learning about Brer Rabbit in the same way.  Where our family is from, Brer Rabbit is seen as the one whose always seen as trying to test someone or take a short cut. Sometimes we’ll be doing something now and they’ll see someone doing something tricky in real life and they’ll say “Oh that person is being tricky like Brer Rabbit!”

My sons’ favorite story is the one where Brer Rabbit keeps stealing fox’s food and frames Brer Bear for it. They also repeat one liners from the stories now like “wife’s having another baby, can’t work!”

Try it at home:

You can buy One-hundred-and-one African-American read-aloud stories  by Susan Kantor here or borrow it from your local library

One hundred and one Read Aloud stories_ Book cover

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