Bruh Tiger and The Big Wind Mobiles

Brer Rabbit Day at Zion Gallery

Committee member: Fedrecia H.

Project Description: Zion Gallery holds arts and craft workshops for local kids for special occasions. For Brer Rabbit Day, they held a workshop where kids listened to the story Bruh Tiger and the Big Wind, then made these mobiles depicting the story.

Try it at home:

We read our story from Talk that Talk: An Anthology of African American Story Telling by Linda Gross and Marian Barnes. If you don’t have a copy, you can buy the book here or read it here by scrolling to page 25.

Step 1. Start a God’s Eye and keep it going until the two sticks are held firmly in place by the string. Click here for God’s Eye instructions

Brer Rabbit Day at Zion Gallery_1 Gods Eye

Step 2. Color images of animals from the story. We found free coloring pages for a bear, cooter (turtle), buzzard, eagle, tiger, and -of course- a rabbit online. Then we pasted them all together into this 2 page document and made copies on cardstock.

Brer Rabbit Day at Zion Gallery_2 Color

Step 3. Cut out your animals and hang them from the God’s Eye.

Brer Rabbit Day at Zion Gallery_3a Cut and tie more 

Step 4: Hang your ceration someplace where your friends and neighbors can see it!

Brer Rabbit Day at Zion Gallery_4 Hang in Window


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