Cocoa Tea

cocoa tea Committee member: Karenga A.

How I Celebrate: Cocoa Tea. Natural cocoa has many health benefits and is enjoyed throughout the African diaspora. Often served in the US as hot chocolate or candy, cocoa is a piece of American culture that, like Brer Rabbit, is actually African in origin.
Try it at home:Cocoa Tea RecipeIngredients:
16 oz. coconut milk
16 oz. soy or almond milk
dash of vanilla essence
grated nutmeg
grated cinnamon
1 bay leaf
1 natural cocoa ball/stick (West Indian grocer or health food store in powder form, about 5-6 heaping tablespoons)Process:
Heat (med.) milk with all spices and essence.  Add cocoa ball/stick/powder after about 10 min and stir with wooden spoon until fully dissolved.  Heat another 10 min. continuing to stir and let cool.  Pour and enjoy!

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